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香港大學頂尖運動員入學計劃 HKU Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme (TADAS)



有關提名詳情,請瀏覧。 如有任何查詢, 歡迎與教務處入學事務部李婷芝女士 ( / 3917 6176) 或楊子倫先生 ( / 3917 8582) 聯絡。


The University of Hong Kong (HKU) invites National Sports Association to nominate outstanding student-athletes to join the Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme (TADAS). This scheme will provide top athletes with flexible study arrangements and various types of support, including academic advising, mentorship programme, generous scholarships, as well as tailored physical training and psychological counselling based on their physique and type of sports, etc., allowing them to achieve both sports and academic aspirations and pursue their dreams with vigour and passion.

Candidates admitted through TADAS can choose to study in the programmes of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Social Sciences. These broad-based programmes allow athletes to enjoy greater flexibility in choosing their majors and minors. Candidates who wish to apply to HKU through this scheme must be nominated by the Sports Institute or other sports associations. The TADAS Selection and Review Committee will evaluate the applicants holistically by considering their athletic achievements, interview performance, letters of recommendation, personal statements, etc.

For details, please refer to this link: . Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms Betsy Lee ( / 3917 6176) or Mr Ryan Yeung ( / 3917 8582) of the Admissions Office, the Registry.

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