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Elite Athletes Strategic Engagement (EASE) Scheme 2020-22 / 警隊推動精英運動員參與計劃


Programme details

EASE was established in 2016 in collaboration between HKPF and HKACEP, SF&OC. In support of the EASE Scheme, volunteers from Police Sports Clubs were recruited as ‘Facilitators’ to assist the Chief Facilitator in coordinating and organising activities for the elite athlete ‘Ambassadors’.  The EASE Scheme is now recruiting new elite athlete ambassadors in 2020-22.  

The Ambassadors will be entitled to participate in various events and workshops held by the Hong Kong Police Force, including i.) Life Skills Training: Leadership Training Workshops/Camps and Interview and Presentation Skills Workshop, ii.) Career Development Opportunities, such as Internship; and Event Planning & Publicity Opportunities, as well as iii.) Networking Event such as Sports Exchange.  The precious opportunity would be constructive to athletes’ holistic and comprehensive development.

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