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職位空缺 - 全職督導(行動)教練 / Recruitment for the position of Full-time Supervisory Coach (Operations)

港協暨奧委會奧夢成真有限公司現正為2022/23學年「奧翔計劃2021-2024奧翔之旅」(下稱計劃)招募全職督導(行動)教練。歡迎熱衷於學校推廣體育運動及有志於教練工作的運動員報名。招聘 截止日期為2022年8月24日(星期三),詳情請參閱附件一,另隨函附上計劃詳情(請參閱附件二)。如有任何疑問,可致電2504 8156與奧夢成真有限公司職員(Chloe)查詢。


We are pleased to inform you that Sports Legacy is now recruiting full-time Supervisory Coach (Operations) for academic year 2022/23. Sanctioned coaches with athletic background who are passionate in sports coaching and passing experience and expertise for youngsters in schools are welcome to apply. Please note the recruitment deadline would be on 24 August 2022 (Wednesday). The Job Ad for full-time Supervisory Coach (Operations) is set out at ANNEX 1 for your information. The details of the Scheme is attached at ANNEX 2 for your information. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to reach SLCL office at 2504 8156 (Ms. Chloe LEE).


ANNEX 1 - Job Description (Chinese Version Only)330.75 KB
ANNEX 2 - Jockey Club “Flying High” Sports Programme 2021-2024 (Chinese Version Only)3.02 MB