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Duties of the Chairperson of Judges in a tournament

  • Organizes to check the setting of the tournament field
  • Organizes the inspection of the archers’equipment
  • Organizes the judges to take their duties at designated targets
  • Judges / corrects the scores of arrows shot on request
  • Takes notes of unusual incidents occurred during the tournament
  • Communicates with the DOS and Judges to keep tournament run smoothly and properly
  • Holds a closing meeting and reports any deviation / hindrance aroused and make proposals for remedial from the suggestion of DOS and Judges collectively

        Please note that it is not necessary for the DOS and the judges to write individual report in the ‘Judge Panel Report’. They are expected to report the abnormal matter arising and to propose suggestion for improvement to the Chairperson in the Conclusion Meeting at the end of the tournament. The Chairperson should take notes of these reports and summing them up in the ‘Judge Panel Report’. The Chairperson will then read out the written summary to the Judges to ensure there are no missing points reported. The ‘Judge Panel Report’ will be sent to the Judge Director and the Tournament Director for following up.

Written by
30th March, 2011.

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